Laughing and Dancing I Do’s…and Some Elephants

In keeping with my on again/off again posts in celebration of my fairytale (still working on the first draft, sigh), I’m going to share a couple of my favorite wedding videos. One makes me laugh until I have tears in my eyes, no matter how many times I’ve watched it, and the other is…frankly…one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I really I hope I get invited to a wedding like that someday.

Okay, I’m also adding a couple that are just flat out funny…but can’t, by any stretch of the imagination, be considered romantic.

The funniest stuff is over around 2:09.

Love, love, LOVE this one!

My daughter told me about this one, just before I was ready to post this…and I thought why not?

She also told me about this one a second ago…

Ya know…I think I’ll just pass on this particular tourist activity.

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  1. the dancing weddin was way cool OMG I’d love to see one like this. the giggling was cute. and i love animal vids. thanks

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