1. Debra Kristi
    November 9, 2012 @ 11:26 am

    I do absentee ballot so mine is just between me and the piece of paper I write it on. I haven’t walked that line in a long time. Sorry, my friend.


    • Kristy K. James...Living, Loving, Laughing
      November 9, 2012 @ 3:15 pm

      I may have to check into the absentee thing. Except I don’t actually mind going to vote (IF I can get there before school gets out and ten million parents and teachers get in line ahead of me). The thing that bugged me enough to write this post is that I just don’t think voting is secret anymore. I don’t see how it can be…and it was never set up this way. Afraid I’m a Constitution lover…and always will be. 🙂


      • Debra Kristi
        November 9, 2012 @ 3:57 pm

        This year I walked in and handed in my absentee ballot on the 6th. It was almost like standing in line to vote. 🙂


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