Change of Plans

I know I said I would have the novelette series and newsletter ready to go before December 25 but… It just hit me that I’m missing Christmas with my kids. And you know what? I have been busting my butt since the first of November and I’m just not going to do anymore. Well, not for the next week.

I’m going to put up a few more decorations. I’m going to bake some cookies…even some gluten-free ones for me. I’m going to finish my shopping on Friday (God help me!!!), and wrap the gifts.

This should be a fun time, and I’m missing most of it. So I’m moving things back until after the first of the year.

I’ve also changed my mind about how the stories will come out. Newsletter subscribers will still get the story installments a week ahead of the blog readers but… I’m not going to post the final two. Nope. If people want to find out how the stories end, they’ll either have to subscribe to the newsletter, or wait until it comes out on Amazon and Smashwords, only they won’t be free.

So there you have it. And now I’m officially on vacation.  🙂

And now, please pretend that I’m standing outside your door, that I can actually carry a tune for a minute, and I’m wishing you a very Merry Christmas…and singing carols. Here are my three favorite Christmas songs, in no particular order.

How cool! This was done in the city my dad lived in the last 19 years of his life.

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