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The Hands We’re Dealt

I would never have chosen to become the mother of an autistic son. Not because of me though, but because of him. Because of all of the experiences he would miss out in life. Because of the choices he would … Continue reading

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The Day Thor Came To Visit

When Thor and Debra Kristi were scheduling his world tour last fall, you better believe I got my name on the list. I mean really…who wouldn’t open their door to play hostess to him for a few days? I wasn’t … Continue reading

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What Can I Say About Animal Abusers?

This is kind of a different subject for me, but it’s always been one near and dear to my heart. One that truly struck a chord, and has caused me to shed many tears over the past couple of years, … Continue reading

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I’m Totally Stoked!

I wanted to start off with the old Pointer Sisters song, ‘I’m So Excited’…until I realized that the lyrics aren’t exactly rated G. In fact, I’m not sure they’d fall under the umbrella of PG-13, and that’s my limit in … Continue reading

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Memories That Make You Giggle

We all have them…those moments when we’re so tired we think we’re seeing pink elephants with lemon yellow zebra stripes – and fluorescent green polka dots. When all we want to do is finish whatever it is we’re doing so … Continue reading

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Is Captain America a Perfect Hero?

In trying to figure out where I wanted to go with a website and blog, I started (briefly) ‘The Pretty Much Perfect Heroes’ site. I’m a romance lover, and that seemed to fit in more with what I wanted. But … Continue reading

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The Perils of Being Tech-Challenged in a Tech-Filled World

The week since I decided to combine my website and blog into one really cool site has been… Hmm. Interesting is one way to describe it. But I think words like frustrating, aggravating, and annoying are actually more accurate. Yup. … Continue reading

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James Bond, Jimmy Stewart, and Angus MacGyver

I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I tend to have issues with insomnia. I’ve been averaging about four and a half hours of sleep out of every twenty-four for the past few weeks. While it’s a major … Continue reading

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Daylight Savings Time Sucks!

I hate it. I do. But I hate it when it starts more than when it ends. At least it feels like we gain an hour in the fall, but it seems like I never get used to ‘losing’ that … Continue reading

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