Is Captain America a Perfect Hero?

In trying to figure out where I wanted to go with a website and blog, I started (briefly) ‘The Pretty Much Perfect Heroes’ site. I’m a romance lover, and that seemed to fit in more with what I wanted. But now that I’ve settled on what it is I want to do, there’s a post or two from TPMPH I want to move over here before I shut it down. Here’s the one from January 27, 2013.


It’s never been a secret that I find Robert Downey Jr. to be extremely sexy. I’ve even watched his Sherlock Holmes movies and believe me…prior to those, I had zero interest in Mr. Holmes. No offense to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, he simply wasn’t my cup of tea.

Robert Downey Jr., however, is…and I love his Tony Stark/Iron Man character. I love his sarcasm and rebellious nature. Possibly because I tend to be sarcastic and rebellious myself, but it could be that we women, many of us anyway, tend to have a thing for the ‘bad boy.’

But is the bad boy perfect?

This is where I put my vote in for the wholesome, boy next door, white knight hero.

In other words, Captain America.

Don’t agree with me? Okay, I give you exhibit A:

When The Avengers needed someone to take charge, to save the world, who did they choose? Steve Rogers. Why? All of the members of the team brought some amazing talents and strengths to the table, so why choose him?

And here I give you exhibit B:

To put it simply, Steve Rogers was a real hero – before the world recognized him as one.’

Yup, the little ninety-eight pound, asthmatic weakling could always be counted on to do the right thing. And he did it without expectation of  any sort of recognition or reward.

The only problem with Steve Rogers is…he isn’t real.

But his character does set a standard that real men could aspire to. Seriously. A man doesn’t have to look like Chris Evans to the kind of hero every woman dreams of. Even as a scrawny thing, one who was turned down by the military time and again, there was still something about Steve Rogers that a real woman…Peggy Carter…was attracted to.

Every man has that same potential. No matter who they are right now, being a pretty much perfect hero – the kind that women love – all boils down to having a strong moral compass, being kind, compassionate, considerate, and…like it or not…just being a plain, old fashioned gentleman.

Just a side note… That last shot in this video is the same one I took a screen shot of when I was watching The Avengers DVD on my computer. It’s now my desktop background. 🙂


Okay, so you don’t have to vote the way I would…


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