I’m Totally Stoked!

I wanted to start off with the old Pointer Sisters song, ‘I’m So Excited’…until I realized that the lyrics aren’t exactly rated G. In fact, I’m not sure they’d fall under the umbrella of PG-13, and that’s my limit in both my blog and my books. So…

That meant having to figure out what other song might best describe my mood right now. What mood? Party time! And that lead me to a favorite band and video. It’s kind of pushing the whole PG-13 thing, but hey…it’s my guys, and I still love them. It’s also kind of perfect, since I’m going to be combining fantasy with romance in the not too distant future.


Okay. So what am I so excited about? I’ve combined five of my stories…thre full-length novels, my Christmas novella, and a short story in a boxed set that sells for $2.99. All of the books are in the romance genre, except Enza, but Daniel and Nina, and Elliot and Meg do add romantic elements, so I included that, too.

So introducing: The Pretty Much Perfect Heroes Collection!


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  1. Love the name of the set! Congrats on putting them all together. Party, party, party!

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