I Have a Confession to Make

Hi, I’m Kristy, and I’m a closet Twilight fan. (hangs head, sighing) Yes, it’s true. Please don’t throw rotten tomatoes…or other decaying produce…at me.

For the past four years or so I’ve tried to pretend it’s all because of my daughter. Standing in line at midnight at the theater – and in Blockbuster when the DVDs were released. Reading until my eyes were so blurry I could barely see the pages, but just wanting to get to the end of this chapter (and then the next, and next, and next).

I knew I’d read better stories, seen movies that might actually win an award here and there, but I’m a sucker for romance…even if it involves vampires and werewolves. Well, as long as they’re not scary. I don’t ‘do’ scary because I prefer to not ‘do’ nightmares (and if I read or watch scary, nightmares will follow).

Apparently I live in a bubble. Several weeks ago, an author friend suggested I read a book called The Host. I had never heard of it – and wasn’t remotely close to interested in checking it out. Then I start reading Facebook posts from people wanting to know who was going to see the movie this past weekend. Surprise! I didn’t even know it had been made into a movie. A bubble, remember? A bubble.

So anyway… I was open to a lazy, relaxing couple of days and thought…why not? Loaded the book on my Kindle, kicked back…and realized this tome was six-hundred and fifty-six pages long?!?!?! I hadn’t intended to relax quite that much, but figured I could read part of it through Sunday, then finish it as I had time.

Yeah, right.

I got sucked in so fast it almost made my head spin, and every spare second I had found me with Kindle in hand (and trying to ignore silly things like the need to make supper or do a load of laundry).

I’m not going to write a book review here, but I did want to say three things. First… Team Ian! Second…Stephenie Meyer really can write! And third…I think it’s time to pop the bubble.

When I watch so little television that I miss trailers for movies like The Host, it might be time to take a break from 3D Mah Jongg, writing, Facebook, plotting, spider solitaire, and editing, and see if I can find a series or two I can tolerate during the long months when the few I do watch are on hiatus.

Now I’m hoping our little small-town theater gets the movie in so I don’t have to go traveling, or wait until it’s out on DVD. Given the length and details in the story though, I doubt the movie will do it justice.

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