Rude Shopper Rant

I just have to get this out of my system.

For the second time in a matter of weeks, I’ve had to deal with a rude shopper. I’m not talking about the garden variety rude shoppers you have to endure every time you step into a store. Nope. I’m talking about shoppers with that little something extra. You know, the ones who should count their blessings you didn’t bring a Louisville Slugger with you…because you might have used their heads for batting practice.

The first incident happened earlier this month.

I like to use self-checkout lanes because… Well, I just do. After scanning and paying for everything, I walk down to the bags to start bagging my purchases…when the woman behind me follows me and starts shoving MY stuff out of the way so she can move this arm thing out to keep her groceries separate from mine.

I don’t know about anyone else, but if I’d wanted someone other than me to handle my groceries, I’d have waited in line for a cashier.

I know I’ve used this video before, but it’s totally appropriate today.

Anyway, this afternoon was kind of a repeat of the other trip.

I’m not a classy person. I love rice goulash. I really do. And I decided with all of the editing I need to do in the next six days, I was going to make a huge pot of it – enough to last days. Yes, I like it that much. Which is good because I’ll be eating it for….days. The only thing is, there were no stewed tomatoes in the house, which meant I needed to pick some up.

Much as I hate the thought, off to the store I go. While I was there, I remembered I needed gluten free salsa. Amazingly enough, there are brands that contain wheat (why???), and of course the jar in my refrigerator is one of those brands. A couple other things followed the salsa and tomatoes into my cart before I made my way to the front of the store.

So, I have like half a dozen things waiting for me to bag them after I pay, and before I get down to the end of the checkout, the woman behind me is ringing her stuff up and sending it down the rollers…with my stuff. She couldn’t wait one minute for me to finish. Then she grabbed her few things, carried them to the next checkout and bagged them there.

Am I just being nitpicky here? Overreacting? Letting PMS get control? Or are women like that just RUDE and OBNOXIOUS? I’m afraid if it happens one more time, especially if someone touches my groceries again, I’m going to start flinging their things back up the rollers. I’ll probably share an opinion with them, too. And believe me, that won’t be a good thing.

How would you react if you ran into shoppers like that?



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6 Responses to Rude Shopper Rant

  1. Danielle Butler says:

    I would have totally said something to her!

    • Kristy K. James says:

      Thanks, Danielle. I always wonder if I’m blowing things out of proportion…just because I hate shopping (yes, I’m not a normal woman). 🙂

  2. Okay Kristy, put down your weapon! Be afraid, be very afraid. LOL! Ah sweetie, some people just cannot help themselves. They’re pushy. I don’t know how to stop them. Perhaps if they were to meet with someone like themselves. Then, and only then, would they get it. Maybe. May the force be with you Kristy. Really, it’s exasperating. Sigh. 🙂

    • Kristy K. James says:

      LOL…but I LIKE my weapon. 😉

      The thing that bothers me so much about these rude shoppers is that 99% of the time I’m a nice, considerate person…and they bring out a side of me that I just don’t like. Maybe there’s a little tiny part of me that secretly wants to wind up in those Walmart videos on YouTube 🙂

  3. Diana Beebe says:

    That’s no fun at all! It’s not you–those women were rude. If they were really late for something, they could at least say something to that effect.

    • Kristy K. James says:

      I’d be surprised if she was running late for anything. Not at that time of the day. I think it’s more that some people are so used to thinking about themselves all of the time that it eventually becomes a natural part of their obnoxious personality. 😉

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