Two Free Digital Books?

***Details to win A Hero For Holly below***

That’s right. I said two. Technically the first book in my Coach’s Boys series – The Daddy Pact – is always free, which is why I’m offering the 2nd one, A Hero For Holly, too.

Holly cover (to get the free copy of The Daddy Pact, just visit my author pages at: Barnes & Noble,, iTunes, and Smashwords)

Why, you might ask? Well due to some confusion in the emails, the giveaway for my book tour for Laying Low in Paradise wasn’t mentioned at all for the first seven stops. So I thought I’d do a little giveaway of my own right here.


From now through May 28, 2013, anyone commenting below will be entered in a drawing to win one of 21 copies of A Hero for Holly (three for each stop that didn’t know about the giveaway).

Links to purchase Laying Low in Paradise:





Psst! Did you hear about my new secret group on Facebook? It’s so secret you won’t be able to find it no matter how hard you look. In fact, the only people who will find it are those who have subscribed to my newsletter (, and who send me an email or Facebook message letting me know they’d like to join. That way I can send an email invitation.

Why a secret group? I thought it would be a fun place to just chat and get to know one another. Yes, I’m still a teenager at heart. I’ve always liked the secret clubhouse kind of thing. They always seemed so mysterious and exclusive.


Psst again. Did you know that you can get The Daddy Pact, Someday…Maybe, and The Romance Manifesto free at these fine online bookstores?, iTunes Bookstore, and Barnes & Noble. ***The Romance Mainifesto is no longer available at***

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3 Responses to Two Free Digital Books?

  1. Kristy K. James says:

    I’m stepping in to leave a reply for Mella Ludes. The comment section is giving her a hard time, and she wants to be entered to win a copy of A Hero For Holly. 🙂

  2. Nelva says:

    Kristy, thanks for the free books. I have read several of your books and enjoyed them. Am looking forward to reading “The Daddy Pact”.

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