Someone I Wish I’d Known

I’d never heard of eighteen year old Zack Sobiech until this past Monday, and that was only because he passed away.  I watched the video a friend posted, and I cried…and decided I wanted to know more about this young man.


So I started doing some digging, and I found this video…and cried some more.


What an amazing human being, and what a incredible attitude he had. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve listened to this song now, but there’s just something about it. Maybe something I need to hear.

If Zack could pack so much living into the short time he was given here on this earth…then maybe we all ought to live like he did. Like we don’t have much time to do it. If we’re honest, we don’t. Even if we all live to be one hundred years old…it’s not that long.

We need to cherish every day, and all of the people in our lives. We need to look for reasons to be happy, and to celebrate.

Most of us won’t have to face the awful things Zack had to live with, but maybe we should learn a lesson from him. Enjoy the time we do have…more. Smile more. Love more. Appreciate more.

I can’t imagine the pain this family has endured, and I wish I could tell them how very sorry I am for their loss. But the only thing I can do is share his story with you…and ask you to click on the YouTube link on the first video and go ‘like’ his song. Maybe leave a little note…even just a sentence…to let them know that their son, their brother, their friend…touched you.

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2 Responses to Someone I Wish I’d Known

  1. Kristy K. James says:

    It was an awesome reminder, wasn’t it? I think we all need reminded from time to time that our lives are too short…and right now is all that really matters. 🙂

  2. I love this. Yep, we need to live like we mean it. Every day, with intent. Thank you and Zack for the reminder. It’s easy to forget sometimes that we don’t have forever. We have right now and that’s all that should matter.

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