I Am In L-O-V-E!

I’m ashamed to admit that until about a week ago, I’d never heard of Benedict Cumberbatch. No, it’s true. Can you believe that? It wasn’t until a friend posted the following video that he snagged my attention, beginning to win my heart at fifteen seconds in.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure the modesty was a put on, but it was put on so sweetly, and then he ran up into the audience to hug his fans. Uh-huh…research time.

To my delight – and disgust – he stars in a BBC series called Sherlock. Delight because it’s my new favorite series. Disgust because there are only three 90-minute episodes per year/season.

I almost didn’t start watching it because….three freaking episodes???!!! A year???!!!

But hey, he impressed me on The Graham Norton Show, and I was just bored enough, that I thought ‘why not?’

And I was, and remain, hooked…and I didn’t want to be. I get frustrated with shows that are only thirteen episodes per season (Haven, I miss you!), so I really didn’t want to get invested in one that was incredibly short. But I did, and I blame Tameri Etherton for posting the video that got me hooked on the actor.

Now I think I’m going to share my very favorite scene so far, and go back and watch the entire episode again.

***Just noting that while Mr. Cumberbatch now occupies a place in my heart, Keifer Sutherland, Bruce Willis, and Robert Downey Jr. all beat him there…and there they will stay.


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