A ‘Moth’ Asked Me To Dance

I’m just going to copy and paste my status update from last night in order to explain the title of this post:

LOL…talk about a near freak out just now! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been sitting at my desk and watched a spider float down in front of my face, or found one on my arm (I truly CAN dance sometimes). I was sitting here typing…and felt something move between two of my fingers…and almost got up to dance again. Whew! It was a moth. Not that I want that to happen again, but at least it wasn’t a spider!

I had to laugh when someone commented that they were a moth, and could they have this dance.

It brought to mind the last time I actually did dance…at my baby brother’s wedding…with my dad. It was the one and only time I’ve ever danced with my father.


That song was released June 10, 2003. My dad died less than three months later, but I never heard it until the following spring…while I was on my way to another funeral. I cried so hard I thought I’d wreck the car. When I heard the words, it drove home the fact that I’d never dance with my father again, and it hurt.

Now it doesn’t. At least not as much. When I hear it now, mostly it just brings to mind a memory I will always cherish. One of many…but the only dance we ever shared. Sometimes it can still make me cry, but usually not.

So ends my tribute to my dad. It’s early, but being the decade anniversary this year, I was afraid it would be harder to get through than the others if I waited until the actual date.

And now to solve my present conundrum. I told Mr. Moth that I would dance with him…but that I got to choose the music. I failed to mention, however, that I’m about twenty years out of practice, so broken bones could be involved. But, if he ever introduces himself, I think I have the song I want. 🙂

was going to choose Barry Manilow’s Could this be the Magic because it’s almost seven minutes long. Then I figured that if Mr. Moth did wind up needing toe casts, I should cut him some slack.

And so I chose another favorite. Since he didn’t specify, I also chose to go with slow dancing (because I can only fast dance when spiders or rodents are involved).

I do want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with Randy Travis now. I hope his recovery is swift and complete.

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