A Case of the Giggles

I often post twice in two days. Sometimes I’m lucky if I post once a week, but this memory is too cute not to share. Of course I’ve had about nine and a half hours sleep since Wednesday, so what strikes me as funny may leave you all scratching your heads and wishing I would sleep a little more. And I plan on it…just as soon as I hit publish on this.

Normally I don’t wash my hair and then go for a drive, but I did today. I needed to pick some things up for tomorrow, so off I went. Except I forgot to put grab a scrunchie, so I was just sitting here brushing some major snarls out, and that’s what brought the memory to mind.

I love having my hair brushed, and have let various children through the years brush it to their heart’s content. There was only one instance where I did not love it. In fact, I wound up crying, and the little girl wound up crying…and she never, ever brushed my hair again.

Why? Because when you combine long hair with a round brush and a four-year old imagination, catastrophes happen. As in a wide, two-foot long strip of hair tangled around the brush that’s resting snugly against the back of your head.

And I couldn’t work it loose…

I thought about going to the salon…for about a tenth of a second…until I realized that I’d have to actually go out in public with a brush stuck on the back of my head. Yeah… Not!

So I grabbed a pair of needle nosed pliers and spent the next hour or so pulling each individual bristle out of the brush. After about fifteen minutes, my arms were aching. Thirty minutes into it, they were burning and I started crying and muttering not-so-nice words under my breath because there were a lot of bristles on that stupid brush – and I wasn’t anywhere near close to being finished. The humiliation of going out in public was seeming like the lesser of two evils by then, but I persevered, and eventually freed my hair.

I also threw both of my round brushes away. Well… One of them wasn’t exactly a brush anymore. There were like five bristles left on it.

Anyway, the tangles are out today, my braids are in…and I’m going to go get up close and personal with my pillow for a while. With that memory rolling like a movie on a loop though, I’m not sure how much sleep I’ll actually get.

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2 Responses to A Case of the Giggles

  1. My 5 year old daughter used a wide toothed comb to “curl” her bangs that reached past her shoulders. I tried conditioner, oil, etc. to no avail. I finally took her to the beauty school where she sat for the next 6 hours! Yes 6… They tried a huge array of products and I think every single student gave it a go. Eventually one of the guys suggested a bolt cutter to clip the comb apart. You should have seen my daughters face when they brought in the 3 foot long cutters! When we were done her bangs were up to her eyebrows. We came back the next day with several dozen homemade cookies as a thank you. To this day she scowls at you if you mention wide tooth combs. Thanks for the great memory.

    • Kristy K. James says:

      Oh no! But LOL about the bolt cutters. Poor kid! My youngest daughter cut her own bangs…about a week before my sister got married…which was about a month before her first day of kindergarten. She cut them almost to her hairline…as in no bangs to speak of. Do you ever wonder what they’re thinking when they do things like that?

      Glad you got to remember something fun…even if it wasn’t exactly fun when it happened. 🙂

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