The Story Behind the Story

Technically I suppose it’s not really the story, but more like the reason A Fine Mess came into being.

EBOOK - AC004 James-FineMess FINAL

The story itself is simple, Christian Annie Blake winds up marrying non-Christian Ian McCann to protect her father, who did something stupid to try and save his dying wife, Maddie.

Without giving anything away, Maddie is loosely based on my father. He died of cancer on August 30, 2003, and I wrote Maddie’s story as a kind of ‘what if’ scenario. What if my dad had tried some of the things I researched, and then used in the story? What if he hadn’t trusted that first doctor so completely? What if, what if, what if?

I can’t spoil the ending and tell you whether Maddie was cured or not, but I can tell you that she was more open to alternative treatments than my dad was, and I’ll always be sorry that he wasn’t because I miss him. After almost a decade, I still really miss him.

But I just wanted readers to know that’s why I ended the story the way I did.

What if….

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