The Babies

Yes, I’m posting a lot this week. I can’t help it though. I’m heavy into editing my first fantasy novelette…and am in need of some stress relief. So I’m playing 3D Mah Jongg, going for drives, and…blogging. This post involves both a drive and blogging.

I needed to make a trip to town earlier because I’m going to make some decent gluten-free pizza crusts, a couple of what I hope will be good jelly doughnuts, and a tiny loaf of French bread tomorrow…and I needed a few things.

On the way I decided I wanted to do a video of the baby burro and baby goats a couple of miles from my house…if they were out…and they were. So here they are. Pardon the video quality. It’s hard to drive, juggle a camera, and film at the same time.

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