My Future Boyfriend…

…was a movie that left me smiling, but unsure as to how I might rate it.

While I’ve never heard of Sara Rue before, I had always enjoyed Barry Watson in when he played Matt Camden in 7th Heaven. I didn’t enjoy him at all in Sorority Boys, a movie I turned off after maybe thirty minutes. Definitely not a flick you want to watch with your daughter! Actually it wasn’t one I’d have wanted to watch by myself, which was a shame given that I really like Barry…and I’d had a bit of a crush on Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor from Smallville…and I still think he’s sexier as a bald guy).


My Future Boyfriend is a story about a man who travels back in time a thousand years…to find the author of a book discovered at an excavation site…at the bottom of what had once been the Pacific Ocean (it might have been the Atlantic…it’s almost four a.m. and I can’t be certain…either way, in the future it was pretty much dried up).

Why does he want to find this author? So she can explain to him what love, passion, and lust mean…since those feelings are forbidden in the thirty-something century.

There were laugh-out-loud moments, like when he discovered exactly what Elizabeth (Rue) meant when she warned him that his jambalaya might be hot, and touching moments as Pax (short for P-A-X-497/341) starts to discover for himself what feelings feel like.

Fred Willard (Pax’s mentor and partner in the crime of learning about love) and Jordan Wall (who is really quite adorable in a geeky, John Travolta kind of way) added some memorable performances, but it was Watson who made the movie worth watching. Of course I love time travel stories – books and movies – because of the reactions of the people who do the traveling…and he played the part well.

Would I recommend this movie? Yeah, I suppose I would. Not as enthusiastically as I did My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, but for an ABC Family movie, My Future Boyfriend is entertaining, and a good way to kill an hour and sixteen minutes (Netflix time) if you don’t have anything better to do.

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