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Some Things Can’t Be Taken Back

I’d originally planned to post this on April 27th, but given the circumstances, decided to hold off for a while. So here it is, nearly four months later… I had to make a trip to the largest of the small … Continue reading

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The Story Behind the Story

Technically I suppose it’s not really the story, but more like the reason A Fine Mess came into being. The story itself is simple, Christian Annie Blake winds up marrying non-Christian Ian McCann to protect her father, who did something … Continue reading

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Forest Gump’s Mama Woulda Called Me Stupid

~~~ I have been experiencing some breathlessness and extreme fatigue again, and couldn’t figure out what was causing it. I was being 100% diligent about buying gluten-free foods for myself, haven’t cheated even once (though I’ve been tempted to a … Continue reading

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This Is Worth Repeating

~~~ This was originally posted on July 23, 2012, and decided to put it up again. I’ve been seeing so many crazy things on the road lately that it just really scares me the way people drive. I really hope … Continue reading

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Mirrors Will Never Reflect the Real You

When we stand in front of a mirror, we see what everyone else sees when they look at us. That reflection is such an infinitesimal part of who we are that it shouldn’t matter as much as it does. But … Continue reading

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