Looking Back…

We hear so much today about the need for changes in our education system, but researching for Enza raised some questions about that in my mind.  Clearly something needs to be revamped, but I question some of the changes that are tossed about.

In the first quarter of the 20th century alone there were an astounding number of inventions.  Inventions that still impact our lives today.  Escalators, vacuums, gas masks and safety razors.  Air conditioning, helicopters, tractors and cornflakes.  How many lives were saved by insulin, invented in 1922, how many lives made easier when someone came up with instant coffee (yuck!)?

The Zeppelin (1900) was another awesome invention, although it’s best remembered because of one of the most tragic disasters of its time.

Automobiles, talking motion pictures, spiral notebooks and pop-up toasters have all made our lives easier, or better, than they could have been.  Traffic signals (1923) are a very important part of life today.  Airplanes (1903) opened the world to us, and Lifesaver candy (1912) gave us Hallmark-like commercial memories for years.  Not to mention the cherry flavor tastes pretty good.

Did you know that the first robot came into being in 1921?  It just boggles the mind that something that advanced could have come from that era.  Something that was likely the first of many steps leading to the knowledge needed to build the computer I’m now typing on.

So what, exactly, was wrong with the education in the early 1900s?

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4 Responses to Looking Back…

  1. Wow, great question. I don’t think I realized how much was invented in the early part of the last century. Makes you wonder, for sure.

    • Kristy K. James says:

      LOL…know what I think is weird? I’m fairly sure this post is from last year…and I didn’t reblog it yesterday. I haven’t even seen it since I wrote it, so I’m kind of stunned to see it here. That said, I didn’t realize how much was invented in the last century either. 🙂

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