Gluten-Free Food Fest


I know there are a zillion sites on the internet dealing with gluten-free food intolerance, Celiac disease, wheat allergies, and more. There are probably a similar number of sites with recipes and advice to help us learn to live with this diet restriction.


So why am I adding gluten-free foods to the list of things I blog about? Because I blog about everything. And for two other reasons.

Maybe some of you have been recently diagnosed with gluten issues, and like me in the beginning, don’t quite know what to do about it. Maybe you feel like life is over and all you’re going to be able to eat is stuff you hate.

The other reason is this… If I make a commitment to share what I’m cooking and eating, I’ll find it humiliating to keep posting the same stuff all the time. Yes, my diet is now a huge yawn-fest. It’s a total drag to have to make everything from scratch, so my go-to fallback is eggs, or boneless/skinless chicken breast tenders that I thaw out, pound flat, and cook in minutes (my version of fast food these days).

So this addition to my blog might get me out of my food rut.

My goals over the next weeks and months? Find new recipes to experiment with. Those that work (meaning they didn’t immediately wind up in the garbage can), I’ll share here.

I also want to experiment with meals I can freeze in individual servings for when my son is wanting stuff I can’t have. That way he can still enjoy his favorites, and I won’t have to cook a completely separate meal. I can just pull something out of the freezer, pop it in the microwave…and hopefully have something that tastes at least as good as what I used to be able to get from the frozen food department. Not that they were great, but in a pinch, they worked.

When you see what I’m having for supper tonight, a fairly typical meal for me, you’ll understand why I need to start doing this.

Open-Faced Burger
1 slice of Schar multi-grain bread, lightly buttered on both sides, broil until just shy of burned, flip and repeat
1 ground beef patty
Ketchup and mayo
Handful of Lays potato chips
Dissolved plain gelatin in a little juice (bone broth substitute – Google it, it’s very good for you)

And that’s it. I should have a salad, or fruit, or something nutritious, but I won’t. My kitchen isn’t air-conditioned and there’s a 94 degree heat index today. My goal is to get in and out of that room as quickly as possible. This is where pre-made frozen meals would come in handy.

***I changed my mind. I wound up having the gelatin/juice, cooked broccoli and a ground beef patty instead. I just couldn’t handle the thought of another open-faced burger.

I will also be giving my opinion on gluten-free products that remain in my cupboards, those I threw away after the first taste, foods you might not expect to be gluten-free at all (like nacho cheese Doritos and a certain brand of refrigerated scalloped potatoes), and foods you wouldn’t think would have gluten … but do (like some salsas, sausage, etc…).

So anyway, if you (or someone you know) can’t eat gluten, tune in. I may just find some great recipes. And if you have any good ones to share…please…share them!

By the way, I have a gluten-free board on Pinterest if you’d like to follow me there.

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