Tonight’s Song List

I’ve admitted this to a number of people, but I’m finding the fourth book in my Coach’s Boys series to be quite a challenge to write. I want to blame it all on hitting a wall with thyroid issues a few months ago, but if I’m honest, this story has been giving me headaches since page one. In fact, I’ve never had this much trouble writing a book. Ever.

So tonight I’m trying to immerse myself in music that helps me think. Believe me, there’s no rhyme or reason to my choices tonight, just songs I love that will help me relax, clear my mind…and maybe help me write the next chapter.


Okay. So the only thing the songs did was make me realize that I need to see if Netflix or has Armageddon. I need to spend some quality time with Bruce Willis. Hey…you probably hug your monitor sometimes, too.

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  1. Nope I missed that one. DD bought her first house a year ago, it was a foreclosure so there was a LOT of work to do, my Dad did most of the work, I did most of the painting, especially the fancy stuff, SIL did the “we” after about the second time I turned to my daughter (behind his back of course) and said that must be the “royal” we cause “he” ain’t doing didly squat but somehow he’s responsible for it getting done?

    I don’t interview characters but I’ve had more mind conversations than I want to admit to with people who’ve ticked me off, I may be smart enough to know talking it out in my head doesn’t change what they do, but my silly little brain keeps right on spinning along anyway. 🙂

    • Kristy K. James says:

      That’s too funny! I think it’s totally a guy thing…kind of like the whole “we’re” pregnant thing that’s so popular now. The only one throwing and swelling up is the woman. 🙂

      LOL…I have very similar conversations in my head, too. Not only that, I often talk to the air and walls around here (my son is pretty good with the whole selective hearing thing). Maybe that’s what makes interviewing characters so easy for me.

      • Berniece Matthews says:

        I am sorry that writing the 4th book in the coach’s boys series is so hard I look for it at least every other day I am hook on that series you did such a great job creating it. So far The Daddy Pact is my favorite. So I hope you are feeling better with your health issues soon and will feel like working with Jon. I don’t mind begging ok.

        • Kristy K. James says:

          Thanks so much for your kind words, Berniece. (sorry about the second ‘e’ in the last response…I’m a typo queen)

          I’m so glad you like the series, and things are improving with the thyroid, thank you. It’s still looking like the end of October is very possible, so I’m hoping for the best. And please…keep reminding me. It’s very motivational on the days when I’m dragging. Fatigue is one of my major symptoms, but I’ve found a combination of things that’s working to combat that. Yay!

  2. Sorry about the problems with the book, I’m not a writer so I can’t tell you much, but your song choices are epic so I’m guessing it’s all Jon’s fault…

    As my daughter and I would say to each other when having troubles with our men, “he can’t help it, he’s a boy!” Of course our second favorite quote is, “Is that the “ROYAL” we?” This term is used when men tell you that “we” are going to do this or fix that, which really means You or I are going to do it while they do something totally useless, or better yet they are going to “supervise”. 😉

    • Kristy K. James says:

      It is TOTALLY Jon’s fault. I may have to spend a day or two interviewing him. I hated Cal’s wife when I first started writing the series, and knowing that their story would be the last one (unless I do one for Ed now), I knew I had to figure out a way that I could like her…or it was going to screw everything up in a major way.

      No, I’m not a lunatic, lol. I’m not the only author who interviews characters. Sometimes it’s the only way to figure them out. And Jon is such a private guy, I guess I don’t know him as well as I thought I did, so we’ll see. I’ll make an appointment with the psychologist next week though so we can discuss my multiple personality disorder, lol! 🙂

      Too funny about your guy definitions. I think I have to agree on both counts. My daughter and I learned to be pretty self-sufficient because depending on guys didn’t get us very far. Don’t you hate the whole ‘supervisor’ thing? Kind of makes me want to keep a fly swatter with me and, when I see guys doing that, swat them upside the head. 😀 😀 😀

      Did you see the tee shirt photo I posted a month or two ago? She found it while we were shopping and showed it to me. I laughed out loud and told her she had to get it…and she did. It says (I think), “Boys are cute when they try to think.”

      Now I’m going to have to go look that blog post up. 🙂

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