Flying High – But Not With Drugs

The summer of 2013 pretty much sucked. Between trying to get what I’m taking for my thyroid to work right, and having to push back the release date for the fourth book in my Coach’s Boys series because I kept running into wall after wall after wall in the storyline , I’ve been frustrated beyond belief.

But a few days ago I decided to try a new thing…so I skipped from the middle and wrote the end. And it worked. I spent hours and hours tonight filling in much of the rest of the story, and the first draft should be finished later today…and then begins the first editing session so I can get it to my beta readers by the October 10th…at the latest.

In the coming days, I’ll be doing the cover reveal…but until then, it’s nose to the grindstone. I can hardly wait to see how it turns out. And no, I don’t always know everything that’s going to happen. Sometimes the characters take over and surprise me…as they’ve already done a few times in this story. Who knows what they’ll do next?

Until it’s finished, I’m just going to continue to be excited. Some people get their highs from drugs…I get mine when a story is going well. And that just makes me want to dance!


Oh yeah. I almost forgot. The title is going to be Her Best Friend Jon. 🙂


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