AWOL For Angel

I haven’t been around much of anywhere the past few days. You might think, with the release date for Her Best Friend Jon just ten days away, I was taking care of business, but you’d be wrong. I spent much of Saturday and Sunday sleeping…with a low-grade fever. When I was awake, I watched some Hallmark-like movies. Maybe one of them actually was a Hallmark movie. I can’t really remember though, because I was half asleep.

Mostly though, I spent my semi-awake time watching episodes of Angel, a spinoff of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (hereafter known as BTVS) that I never heard of until I spotted it on Netflix a few months ago.

One thing about Angel really stands out to me…and that’s the fact that David Boreanaz is hot.

The other thing that stood out to me is that compared to Cullen and Salvatore vampires, Angel is a bit of a wimp. Sure he’s stronger than a human, but he gets his butt kicked on a regular basis. He bleeds, he gets hurt, grunts and groans in pain, and can even be drugged.

But I can live with those qualities because , as I mentioned above, David Boreanaz is hot! And I’m not exaggerating even a little bit. He’s also a good actor, and plays the vamp hero with a soul perfectly.

Angel is aided in his quest to help people by a few regulars. Charisma Carpenter, formerly of BTVS,  plays his ditzy secretary. I didn’t think I’d like her at first, but she grew on me. It helps that the writers started easing off a bit on the dumb actress wannabe storyline. I’m still in season one, so I don’t know if she ever gives up on that dream, but at least now she’s brighter than she first appeared to be.

I was very bummed out when Glenn Quinn’s Doyle was killed off after eleven episodes. In addition to being a cutie – and more than a little sexy himself – he had the whole Irish accent thing going on, and that just made me swoon. I was even sadder to find out that Mr. Quinn actually did die a couple of years later.

Another bumbling cast mate from BTVS joined the series when Glenn Quinn left the show. Alexis Denisof plays Wesley, a ‘watcher,’ which is someone who trains slayers to fight monsters. He’s pretty good at fighting himself, though you’d never have guessed it from the first couple of episodes of Angel. Well, I suppose if you’d watched Buffy, which I did not, you might have known that. Fortunately, as they did with Ms. Carpenter, Wesley soon became a valuable player, and less goofy with each episode.

Christian Kane, best friend of Boreanaz, plays bad guy (who can sometimes be a good guy – or at least he was once) Lindsey McDonald. Mr. Kane had a small role in Secondhand Lions, one of my very favorite movies (if you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend it!). I much preferred him in the movie – because he was always a good guy in that, of course. But he plays a good bad guy, too.


After checking IMDB to make sure no one else I like got knocked off before the series ended, I decided I’d give in and let Angel be my guilty pleasure from time to time.

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2 Responses to AWOL For Angel

  1. Emma says:

    Aw, I loved Angel, especially Doyle. Haven’t seen it in years though.

    • Kristy K. James says:

      Wow…I am way behind on my comments! LOL…you haven’t seen Angel in years, and I’ve only recently heard of it for the first time. Doyle was the best part of the series while he was on it, wasn’t he? Too freaking cute! Now I’m finding I like Wesley though. He was kind of a dork the first few episodes, but he’s shaping up into a character I really like now. And he has an accent, too. So much the better. 🙂

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