NaNoWriMo, Stink Bugs, & Antibiotics

Tonight will end my first week in the international writing challenge, NaNoWriMo. I haven’t started on today’s word count, but so far I’ve written 11,425 words, bringing the total count up to 20,080…so I’m more than a third of the way finished with Cal’s book and over a fifth of they way through the 50,000 word goal for the month.

Stink bugs???

Until a month or so ago, my only experience with those lovely little creatures was that I’d heard people mention them from time to time. But then I killed a bug that got on my desk…and realized immediately why they were given that name. They smell awful! I had to grab a second tissue to pull it out of the waste basket so I could give it a burial at sea – well, a quick flush.

But that wasn’t my only run-in with one of them. Nope. No such luck. I was sitting here last night, minding my own business, when I felt something on top of my head. A little scared because of all the spiders that have floated down in front of my face, I reached up…but didn’t feel anything.

And then I felt something on the side of my head, so I reached up again…and came away with a bug between my fingers and my thumb. Can we say freak out? All I saw was legs, so I thought it was a spider…for about half a second because as I was flinging it to the floor, I caught a whiff of a familiar odor. I quickly reached for another tissue. But when I looked down, it wasn’t there.

So I’m looking all over and not seeing it anywhere on the floor. Why? It was on my foot. My bare foot. I almost started dancing, but kept my wits about me and grabbed it with the tissue. And then I made tracks for the bathroom. After sending it on a surprise white water rapids adventure, I washed my hands. Twice.

My head itched the whole rest of the night. I wondered how stink bugs reproduce, and if they could do so in hair. So in between all the scratching, I was scrubbing my fingers through my hair and flinging it everywhere – just in case. When I caught site of myself in a mirror later, I looked like I’d been in a major windstorm. Yes, I had a bit of a meltdown. I hate bugs.


Yup. Those came into play on Wednesday. I thought I had a loose filling -which hurt like mad, but no such luck. It turned out to be an abscess near my jaw bone (which explained the excruciating pain radiating from my chin to my ear). Apparently it’s been there for more than a year. My former dentist kept trying to tell me it was just a sensitive tooth and to just use a special toothpaste.

Since it’s been getting worse over the past several months, it probably explains why I’ve been more tired than usual since early summer. So I suppose I’m glad it got really bad last week. Not so thrilled to be looking at a root canal, implant, or something else a little more involved than that. But I have to say that as much trouble as this tooth has given me since the first time it was filled (the other dentist filled it twice more because I kept telling her it hurt), I won’t miss it when it’s gone.

So that’s how my first week of NaNoWriMo has gone this year. Amazingly enough, I’ve made or exceeded my word count goals every day but one…and I made up for that by doing an extra thousand.

Right now I’m just looking forward to an end to the pain…and catching up on a little sleep I’ve missed for the past six days.

Just a quick addition here. Forgot to post this yesterday because I rehearsing for a role in an upcoming zombie flick…and didn’t get a single word written. I’m going to be playing major catch up for the next few days.

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