God Bless Us, Every One!

And God bless the hard working men and women who have put in many hours in the cold, icy rain, and snow in order to restore power to the thousands of Michigan residents who lost it Saturday – myself included. My electricity was out for almost seventy-two hours after an ice storm moved through the area.

I was going to write a post tonight, but I think I’ll wait a few days. At least until I see what happens tomorrow. A winter weather advisory is predicting up to a few inches of snow, strong winds…and maybe more power outages because of all the ice still in the trees. So my Little House on the Prairie experience may not be completely over. If not…and my power goes out again…we’ll find out exactly what a wimpy, cranky Kristy is really like. 🙂

For now I’ll leave you with this…

Have a very, very safe and Merry Christmas….and a few photos of what the area where I live looks like. If you want to get a better idea of how icy it really is around here, click on each individual picture to enlarge it.

Kristy K. James - part of my back yard - 12-24-13My back yard.

Kristy K. James - view from driveway 12-24-13Another view of the back yard from my driveway.

Kristy K. James - Drop off - 12-24-13On the way to my brother’s new house today. I was so busy looking at the trees, I didn’t notice it looked like the road ended right there.

Kristy K. James - Ice Storm 3 - 12-24-13A Christmas tree farm not too far from where I live. Good thing most everyone who wanted a tree got one before Saturday.

Kristy K. James - Van skiing - 12-24-13Didn’t know my van could ski. And yes, that’s a bridge over a creek just past where the limb is laying in the road.

Kristy K. James - mirror view - 12-24-13I just thought this was a really cool picture. The snow makes it look a little spotty, but I like taking unusual photos.

Well, my dream came true. Now I’m dreaming of no more snow…until the ice melts off the trees. Then it can snow off and on for the rest of the winter.

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