Out Like a Lion…

…in like a lamb. Or vice versa. That’s what people usually say about March, and apparently it’s only month-specific and does not apply to years because with the ice storm, 2013 sure went out like a lion. And yesterday, two weeks to the day after the power went out at my house, a winter storm hit … so 2014 is coming in like a big roaring lion, too.


According to the Weather Channel website, we’ve had 14.4 inches of snow over the past 24 hours … with 3-5 more inches supposed to fall overnight. Either way you look at it, that’s about a foot and a half of snow. And from the sounds of it, there may be another 6-8 inches over the next few days. Those extra inches will go perfectly with the predicted 25-40 below zero windchills for the next two days, though those numbers are changing often – and getting colder every time they do.

Of course you know I was busy taking pictures all day…and even a few tonight. For those of you who have already liked my Facebook page, you’ve already seen these, so sorry for the repeat.

Kristy K. James - office window 1-5-14View from my desk this afternoon.

Kristy K. James - day & night snowvan 1-5-14My “snowvan” … during the day (right), and again tonight (left).

Kristy K. James - view from office window 1-5-14View from my office window. Some snow stuck to the screen, which explains the weird splotches.

Deep snow 1-5-14Had to get pretty low with the camera to get this shot, but that’s a  two or two and a half foot wall of snow that drifted between my porch and the snowvan.

Kristy K. James 1-5-14 snowstorm 3 a.m.I took this around three-o’clock this morning and I can hardly wait until daylight. While I could see how awesome the snow looks on the van right now, the photo doesn’t show it. 

At least now I know where all the snow we haven’t gotten the past few years was. It’s been hiding so it could hit us the first weekend this year. And I really don’t mind the snow. You know me, I love the stuff. It’s just these bitter, bone chilling temperatures I’m not quite so fond of.

I’m adding two more pictures. I wanted to wait until daylight to see exactly what kind of mess was out there. Might have taken a few more but with almost 20 mph winds, a -19 windchill, and a whole lot of blowing snow, my wimp tendencies kicked in and I decided to come back inside where it’s warm.

Kristy K. James - after the storm 1-6-14You can almost see the road…

Kristy K. James - after the storm snowvan 1-6-14My poor snowvan. Not sure what it’s going to look like when I clean it off on Thursday, when the high will be 26 degrees. I might break down and do it Wednesday because after this, 19 might feel pretty darned balmy.

Good thing the last Christmas celebration was postponed until this weekend. NOW it really will look Christmassy.

***Oops. The storm actually hit on January 4th. I wrote this yesterday, then decided to wait to post it until I could get more photos during the day. So if there’s any confusion about the timeline, this is why.

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4 Responses to Out Like a Lion…

  1. Britt says:

    Oh no! D.C. hasn’t seen that much snow in years. It’s going to be soooo cold tomorrow that the majority of schools in the area are closing or having delays. Unfortunately I still have to go to work. 🙁

    • Kristy K. James says:

      This is the second day school has been closed around here, Britt. And it’s a good thing. As I was just telling Kitt (just occurred to me your names rhyme…yes, I’m tired…time to go to bed) the windchill is -32 at the moment, and the actual temperature is -12. While I admit I like winter, my idea of perfect is 32 ABOVE with no windchill. Ever. 🙂

      Sorry about you having to get out in this mess. If it’s as cold there as it is here, I hope your heater works better than mine. In normal cold weather, it gets way too warm in my van. In this weather, it’s fighting a losing battle.

  2. Eek! Thanks for reminding me of why I stay in Florida. And I guess if it gets cold enough, you could always learn this to get warm…LOL! (Sorry, the Brrr just kinda reminded me…)

    • Kristy K. James says:

      LOL! I might just have to learn that. Step outside for a minute, hug the heater in my office for an hour. BRR!!! Please send some of your cold Florida air up here please. It might just warm us up enough to get the actual temperature over zero. We have a 32 below windchill right now. Yuck.

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