I Am Stunned!

I’ve never been able to really figure Twitter out. I do have an account, and I do check it once in awhile, I just don’t use it much. I figure it’s mostly because I tend to be too long-winded to limit myself to 140 characters, including punctuation marks, and spaces. And except for the occasional LOL or ROTF, I don’t abbreviate. That means Twitter frustrates me, forcing me to slaughter sentences. But when I was checking a little bit ago, for the first time in probably a month, my jaw just about hit the floor.


Because someone I don’t even know retweeted a post. And that post said…

One of my novels was listed on the books page … in USA Today!

I am completely speechless. Okay, so I’m not exactly speechless, but I am thrilled and excited – and if I weren’t so tired because it’s my bedtime, I’d be doing a happy dance all over the house.

So I just wanted to share that as I head off to dreamland. Now, hopefully, I’ll be able to fall asleep. 🙂

Yup. I kind of know how Rocky felt at the end of this video.

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