Just Call Me Veruca Salt


Okay, so I’m not quite that obnoxious … but I am impatient. Five days on the new prescription and I’ve woken up every morning expecting to feel like an energetic ten year old. Even though I know the time frame is going to be closer to what the doctor told me….

I want it now!

I’m not the only one who wants it to happen miraculously fast either. My son is anxious for me to feel better. Sad to say his concern doesn’t have a lot to do with my well-being. Nope. The main reason is so ‘we’ can start using the treadmill again.

Not sure why, but unless I spend some time on it first, he has no interest in getting on the thing. Maybe it’s because I use lightweights for my arms every other day and it helps him to remember.

It’s actually quite astounding to me that he wants to include exercise in his routine at all, but then a lot of things he’s been doing since I went gluten-free have stunned me … and no, he has no interest in going gluten-free. He has, however, made a few healthier changes.

He absolutely loves the health benefits of beef gelatin powder. It took quite some time to convince him that this is pretty much what strawberry flavored gelatin is made from, and that there is no flavor unless you add it yourself. He’s finally, finally on board with using coconut oil for cooking – exclusively, and perfectly fine with changing over to unprocessed Celtic sea salt.

He’s also increased his water intake by quite a bit. Before it was almost always juice, milk (chocolate being his preference), or sodas. Now, without me having to say anything, he’s as likely to choose water as anything else.

One thing I wish he was better about? Vitamins.

Part of my every day life is downing more supplements than any person should have to in a week. They’re the only things that keep me functioning, and he just happened to come talk to me a few days ago when I was getting ready to take one bunch of them – my multi, 3 C’s, B-complex, B12, and a probiotic. As I started to pop them in my mouth, his eyes got wide.

“Mom! What are you doing?! Mom, you can’t- Mom, you’re going to choke if you take all of those at the same time!”

He seemed relieved when I didn’t, but if I’d given him seven supplements, it would take him about fifteen minutes to get them all down. He hates swallowing pills. Much as he might like the thought of doing another healthy thing, this part he conveniently forgets. All the time. And I only give him a multi, a couple of C’s, and the probiotic.

But the other stuff? He’s 100% into those things. He’s nagged asked me daily if I feel better yet – and he was quite disgusted yesterday when I told him nope, sorry. We had quite a discussion about it, and when I reminded him the doctor said it could take six weeks (or more), he scowled at me, turned around, and walked out of the room.

So, in the best interest of the health of my son, I can only say … Armour Thyroid, pretty please with sugar on top … start working.


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