Not To Wish a Month Away But…

…I have to say it won’t hurt my feelings when March 28th gets here. Why? It’s the last day of the workshop that started on March 3rd.

For those of you who follow my Facebook page, you might remember me saying that this is one of the most challenging workshops I’ve taken so far … or something along those lines.

However I phrased it, it’s still hard – and it’s making me think. A lot. Not that thinking is a bad thing. I actually have to think on a regular basis in order to get my books written, just not this much.

If my writing and this workshop were compared to an education in medicine, my writing would be first year anatomy, and the workshop would be third year brain surgery. If there is actually a third year brain surgery. If there isn’t, and someone thought there should be one, then that class would probably be taught by the woman teaching this class.

There are a total of ten lectures, and only God knows how many assignments. So far, at the end of Lecture 3, there have been seven. I almost dropped out when I got a look at the fifth, but thanks to the compassion and patience of Debra Kristi, I managed to squeak through it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving this workshop. It’s just kind of like starting off in advanced Pilates when you’ve been a couch potato for seventy-five years. Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I definitely have stepped out of my comfort zone.

So if you don’t hear much from me until after the twenty-eighth, this would be why. I’m busy learning how to be a better writer – and using the information I’m learning to edit the manuscript I mentioned at the end of Cal’s book.

Hopefully I don’t sound too arrogant, but I’m even impressing myself with some of the changes I’ve made. I didn’t know I had it in me to write like that – and I wouldn’t have ever known but for this workshop that’s making me think so hard.

By the time I’m finished though, I’m thinking a vacation might be a good thing. 🙂

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