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Stop The Ride And Let Me Off!

~~~ If anyone asked me Thursday if I had any residual problems from my car accident, I’d have said yes. But I’m mostly better, and what’s left doesn’t really affect my life. Much. If I don’t do my physical therapy … Continue reading

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Did I Tell You This Secret?

It’s been a long, frustrating road to get Holding Out For Love ready for publication. The experience has taught me a good lesson though. Better to spend a little more time on a first draft than to hurry so fast … Continue reading

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Sweetheart Sunday #4

I stumbled on this gem while trying to compile a list of romantic videos. Surprisingly, it’s one of the few without music. It also has a pretty funny part near the end. Hope you enjoy it!

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Color Me Embarrassed. Really Embarrassed.

~~~ By now, anyone who has been following me for a while knows that if books were children, Enza would be my much loved, spoiled baby. It’s not that I don’t work hard on all of the books I write, … Continue reading

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A Cover Reveal, a Recipe, and an Oops

Let’s get the ‘oops’ out of the way first. I was so zoned out with editing yesterday it never registered that it was Sunday … so I missed posting the Sweetheart Sunday video. Maybe I’ll post two next time. 🙂 … Continue reading

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Another Sneak Peek…

With the editing nearly finished on the new – still untitled – book, I thought I’d share another snippet with you. This is the opening scene, and I’m kind of curious about the reactions I’ll get. One more quick note … Continue reading

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Holding On To Yesterday Is Live!

While I’d hoped Holding On To Yesterday would be out several months ago, other projects had me putting it off for what felt like forever – but it finally hit the top of my ‘to edit’ list, and now it’s … Continue reading

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Sunday Sweethearts #3

It’s a little later than I planned on getting this out today, so any smugness I felt over learning how to schedule posts has been cast aside (until I figure out how to make it work every time). First, I’d … Continue reading

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Saving Mr. Banks

I had hoped to see Saving Mr. Banks at our local theater, but by the time it came to town, I was so sick I didn’t really care. I also didn’t want to share what I’d come down with, but … Continue reading

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Sunday Sweethearts #2

Love and romance, and proposals and weddings… There isn’t much in life that makes us happier, is there? But sometimes, the best moments in our lives are tinged with sadness because we can’t share them with some of the people … Continue reading

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