Another Sneak Peek…

With the editing nearly finished on the new – still untitled – book, I thought I’d share another snippet with you. This is the opening scene, and I’m kind of curious about the reactions I’ll get.

One more quick note here. No matter what I do, the only way WordPress will let me keep the indentations is if I double space between paragraphs and the dialog. Apparently the program isn’t fond of normal formatting…


Chapter 1

 “Ouch. Ouch! Stop pushing so hard, it hurts.”

“Just hold still for a minute, okay? I’ll get it in.”

“No. Jake, stop! I told you, it’s not going to fit.” Wendy Burkett winced, her fingers curling in on themselves as the sharp pain intensified.

“It’s almost there, just hold your breath or something,” Jake muttered, totally focused on the agony he was putting her through.
“You’re the one who wanted me to do this, remember? I’m just going to shove-”

“No,” she hissed, shooting up from the chair like a rocket off the launch pad at NASA. “I’ve changed my mind. It’s not worth it.

Cupping her hand around her earlobe, she could feel the earring. It was sticking partway through the nearly closed piercing.
With a slow steadying breath, she yanked it out, then threw the flashing spider on the tabletop.

‘It’ was the big pre-Halloween event taking place downtown this evening. Jake Evans had already changed into his costume and she tried to ignore the fact that he was the sexiest Dracula she’d ever laid eyes on.

Most all of the downtown business owners would be dressing up too, doing their part to make the parade, followed by trick-or-treating at the stores of participating merchants, as much fun as possible for the kids.

Wendy had been adding the finishing touches that would transform her into the Bride of Frankenstein when he’d let himself in the backdoor – and she’d enlisted his help with the earrings.

“How long has it been since you wore a pair?” Jake was asking, settling down in one of the four chairs surrounding the round oak table in one corner of her small kitchen.

“I couldn’t even begin to tell you. Too long, obviously.” She sat across from him, rubbing her ear. It still smarted, like he’d tried to pierce it in slow motion – with a carpet needle.

“What are you handing out?”


“Seriously?” His eyes mere slits in his head, Jake glared at her, his lips turned down in a disgusted scowl. “All the little ghosts and goblins are going to hate you, you know. You’ll get to work tomorrow and find obscenities painted all over your windows, if you have any windows left to paint.” Wendy couldn’t keep up the charade and laughed.

“Fun size chocolate bars, you goof. Do you really think I want graffiti all over my storefront? Every year I say raisins, and every year you believe me.”

“Maybe I’m just humoring you.”

“Are you?”

“No,” he said, glancing away when the grin spreading across his face started to resemble the one on the jack-o’-lantern sitting on her front porch. When he looked back, he was still smiling. “I just know you, and you get on these health food kicks often enough I’m never sure when you’re going to try to foist that garb- That stuff off on poor unsuspecting kids. Or best friends.”

“Oh… Now I get it. You’re planning to raid my leftovers.”

“Of course. And I have to say if all you had was a bowlful of raisins, I’d be very disappointed.”

Let me know what you thought of the scene in the comments below. Were you expecting a different outcome? You should know me well enough by now to know I write PG-13 rated books … at the worst. 😀

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