Sweetheart Sunday #6

Wow! 2014 is flying by! Can you believe this is my sixth Sweetheart Sunday post?

I still have a long list of real life video proposals and other romantic moments, but I realized something this afternoon. There are some really good ones in some of my favorite movies, too. Here is one of the best (in my opinion), and ladies, if you don’t fall in love with Ryan Reynolds after this, don’t worry about it. He’s mine! 🙂

Consider yourself warned though. If you haven’t seen The Proposal yet, this is a SPOILER scene.

Did you need a tissue?

And now for a shameless plug. Since Enza is on my mind because of the preliminary work for the prequel and sequel, I thought I should mention that Daniel’s proposal to Nina is one of my favorites, even if I did write it myself.

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