I Am So Blessed!

Like everyone else in the world, there are things in my life that make me unbearably sad, that scare me so much I can hardly breathe, that worry me so much I lose sleep.

But you know what?

I’m also incredibly blessed. I have family and friends to love, and who love me back. I’m sitting in my office in a home I own. It might not be a mansion, but it’s mine. I have food in the cupboard, kids who drive me crazy, pets who drive me crazier … and I have the best career in the world.

A career that lets me work at the only job I can be one-hundred percent passionate about (well, being a mom beats the writing by a little bit).

I get to take classes, which I do consider a privilege because I never want to stop learning. I’ve met some wonderful authors and readers I consider to be great friends. People I wouldn’t have gotten to know but for this whole indie author thing.

I get to live in my head, talk to imaginary people, and make up stories – every day – and no one is putting me in a straightjacket and throwing me in a padded cell. (whew!)

There were times I doubted this day would ever come, that I’d just write dust collector after dust collector story after story, for my eyes only. But it’s here!

I’m living my dream…

I hope everyone reading the post today can say the same thing. And if you can’t, I encourage you to do whatever it takes so that you can say it one day soon. Believe me, there’s nothing in the world quite like doing what you know you were meant to do.


Just a quick note here. I apologize if I’m missing comments. I see an alert when I get them, I just can’t access them. A recent WordPress upgrade has caused a glitch on many blogs, mine included, and I can only hope they’re aware of it and working to fix it. I did send them a message, but haven’t heard back so I can’t be sure they ever received it.

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