10 Things I Love About Summer…

Stop laughing and pick your chin up off the floor please.

By now, most of you know that summer is not my favorite season. The first day it hits 80 degrees and is even a little humid, I start my annual countdown to October first (sixty-seven days, in case you were wondering). However…

I saw where someone asked what our ten favorite things about summer are.


Me? Come up with nice things about summer? Ten things? But then I thought if I could come up with nine reasons why I love being gluten-free, I could surely come up with a few things I love about this season.

So, I love…

1) …how green everything is. And not just one shade of that crisp, clean color, but all the shades. Except the icky kind of asparagus green (because it looks like asparagus, Lima beans, and Brussels sprouts).

2) …the way the air smells in the morning just after sunrise.

3) …sitting on the beach at Lake Michigan listening to the wind, the waves washing up on shore, and the gulls soaring overhead as they search for food scraps.

Kristy K. James - Lake Michigan~~~~~

4) …being able to open windows to get fresh air in the house.

5) …firing up the grill, because really, what doesn’t taste better when cooked over charcoal? Well – meats, some veggies, and potatoes anyway. And marshmallows. Let’s not forget the marshmallows.

6) …picnics and reunions with family and friends, though they’re so much nicer if the temperature is a pleasant, humidity-free seventy-five degrees.

7) …that it’s not dark at five-thirty in the afternoon.

8) …gentle rains with the rumble of thunder in the distance (not to be confused with violent storms that come with all manner of watches and warnings)

9) …lightening bugs, ladybugs, and butterflies.


10) …a bottle of really cold water on a hot, sweltering day.

Are you surprised that I came up with ten things? I certainly was! And let me tell you, I bet it took me a lot longer to make my list than it would have taken you to make yours.

Not that I’m asking you to make a list, but if you feel like sharing a few of your favorite things about summer, please do so in the comments below. 🙂

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2 Responses to 10 Things I Love About Summer…

  1. Lynner says:

    the heat i love the heat, and sitting on the porch watching the warm summer rain, family reunion, the smell of fresh mowed grass, the flowers….ok everything …i love summer!

    • Kristy K. James says:

      If I sat on the porch in the summer, I’d look like I had the measles from all the mosquito bites I’d have, lol. But I’ll admit, flowers are nice, too. You know what I love most about summer though? The end of it. 😀

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