A Mini-Vacation Marathon/Hair Disaster

My daughter and I like to take off for mini-vacations every now and again, and this time we decided to spend a couple of nights in Holland Michigan. It’s near Lake Michigan, which you all know by now I love. Plus they have a lot of cool stuff in that area of the state. Things like dune buggy rides in Saugatuck, about ten miles south of where we stayed.

dune buggy 2To protect her identity – and that of the families sitting ahead of and behind her, I added some artwork. My daughter is the one wearing makeup. 😀

I opted to sit on the deck – in the shade – and let her enjoy being jostled around on the hills. Still a little sore from having spent most of Friday wandering around one store after another, and with a full day of sightseeing ahead of us when the ride was over, and more than a little sunburned already, it seemed like the wisest course of action.

Afterward, we drove around the inland lake in Holland and saw something that reminded me of the television series, MASH – near the yacht club. Given the way some of the arrows are pointing, I would strongly advise using GPS…

Directions sign by lakeVery cute though, isn’t it?

But not as cute as this…

goat in stroller-blog copyThe stroller was black, and the goat that decided to nap in it when the mother took her toddler out was, too. I played with it in GIMP and now you can sort of see the head. It might have been one of those things where you had to be there…

The goat was in the barn at a little dutch village we wandered around for a few hours.

Village from outlet mall parking lot 2~~~

We also hit a big go-kart/bumper boat/arcade/18-hole miniature golfing establishment. During the golf game (which I won, by the way – playing one handed because I was also holding my five-hundred pound purse), I surprised my daughter, as well as the couple playing ahead of us when I swung my club a little harder than I intended to.

We were looking all over for my ball when the woman said, “Hey! Where did this ball come from?!”

I almost got a hole in one – on the next green (or whatever it’s called). We got we got quite a giggle out of that little mishap – after being assured that I didn’t actually hit anyone with the ball.

And finally, you might have noticed the mention of the phrase ‘hair disaster’ in the title…

When we left on Friday morning, I could put my arms behind my back, resting my forearms on my hips, and hold the ends of my hair. As of about 1:45 Saturday afternoon, I can no longer do that. Now, short of putting my shoulder out of joint, the only way I can touch the ends of my hair are if I stretch my arm up as far as I can … and tip my head back.

Yes, my daughter and I decided to visit a salon while in Holland. My idea of “take about three inches off” apparently differed greatly from the stylist’s idea of three inches.

I actually got out my ruler as soon as I got home. Ten inches. The woman chopped TEN INCHES of hair off. My new ponytail length, measuring from the base of my skull down is ten and a quarter inches.

No. I am not happy. In fact, I will probably not be happy about it for the approximately two years it will take to regrow it. In further fact, it’s probably a good thing I live too far from Holland to make a ‘quick’ trip back…

Except for that though, it was a fabulous trip, and I can’t wait for the next one! However, the next one will definitely not include anything with the word ‘salon’ in it.

And now I will leave you with a couple of other cute photos from the trip.

Guys in dragI’m not even going to tell you what this looks like to me…

Antique store in HollandI got a seriously great laugh out of this – at an antique store. If you can’t read the note, click on the photo.


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2 Responses to A Mini-Vacation Marathon/Hair Disaster

  1. karenmcfarland says:

    I’m so glad that you and your daughter had a nice trip. What a beautiful area. Thanks for sharing the photos. Bummer on the hair though. Although I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard of this happening. Some people obviously do not know how to measure. And you have such beautiful hair. Well, the good news is it will grow back. It will probably look healthier than ever before! 🙂

    • Kristy K. James says:

      Hey, Karen…
      I’m losing track of time this month. Gotta say, I’ll be glad when August is over. It’s one month I’ll be glad to put behind me, lol.

      From now on, when I go to get my hair trimmed and layered, I do believe I’ll be taking that ball bat and ruler in with me. It’s ridiculous that hairdressers don’t know what an inch or three is. Yes, two weeks later and I’m still annoyed. I am using a lot less shampoo though, so I suppose there is that…

      And thanks. I don’t know that it’s beautiful (though it is prettier when I use a flat iron – which isn’t often). And I’m looking forward to it growing back. Here’s hoping you’re right about it looking healthier. 🙂

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