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Toilets In Trees … and other weird stuff

Toilets in trees?! Okay, so I exaggerate. It was only one toilet in one tree, but if there’s one in my neck of the woods, there’s bound to be more in other parts of the world. Don’t believe me? I … Continue reading

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PSA #2: Attention All Readers

This is a followup to my post from yesterday. First, I would like to clarify that I believe all readers have a right to post their opinions of books whether it be good or bad. My only concern is that … Continue reading

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PSA: Attention All Readers

After contacting Amazon and asking them to add ***SPOILER ALERT*** to a review that gave away the plot in one of my books, I received the following response… ~~~ Hello Kristy, I hope this email finds you well. This is … Continue reading

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Introducing…My Son (and a recipe) … one more time

Since so many of you have come to love C.J. almost as much as I do, I decided to repost something I first published on December 7, 2011 … back when no one but other authors knew I had a … Continue reading

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Nolan’s Book Is Here!!!

Yup, it’s true. Finally! Of course, if you haven’t yet read Laying Low in Paradise, you’re not going to understand what a some of the references mean. The great news is that it’s always free. Yes, you read that right. … Continue reading

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Tonight’s Playlist

So I’m only going to share one song because I’m busy working on that surprise I mentioned in my latest newsletter. For those who haven’t signed up for it, you aren’t missing anything … yet. If you want to see … Continue reading

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Heroines You Want To Slap the Snot Out Of

Okay. This whole blog schedule thing isn’t working out for me. I realized the very first week – last week – that one of the reasons I love writing and self-publishing so much is that I don’t have to follow … Continue reading

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Kristy’s Reviews, week 1

If you’ve ever had a thing for time-travel stories, especially when it involves romance, The Lake House (2006), might be just the movie for you. What makes this film unique is that it’s not the people who move through time. … Continue reading

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Song of the Week, 1

This is, without question, one of my favorite songs, so it’s not surprising I’ve got it on my most used playlist. It’s actually on there more than once, but I won’t admit exactly how many times… Anyway, I think it’s … Continue reading

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Story Time Shorts, A Country Love Story

For those of you who didn’t see the Story Time Shorts request by ‘Lynner’ last week, here it is: I love it! I suggest a romantic story about country singers. Who knows what goes on in those gigantic tour buses … Continue reading

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