Kristy’s Reviews, week 1

If you’ve ever had a thing for time-travel stories, especially when it involves romance, The Lake House (2006), might be just the movie for you.

What makes this film unique is that it’s not the people who move through time. Alex and Kate are living two years apart, but somehow are able to communicate via letters and notes sent and received through a magical magical mailbox.

As someone who loved Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock fan in Speed, you have to know there was no way I’d be passing on a flat out love story with them – even though it was kind of a different love story.

But I’m good with different, which you may have figured out from the genre-hopping I do with my books. I can’t tolerate formulas as an author, reader, or movie-watcher.

And this movie fits that bill nicely. From their stunned disbelief that this is actually happening, to something amazingly sweet Alex does for Kate in his time, to a date they take through the city together, to the way something at the beginning of the movie comes to light at the end … it’s well worth the watch.


Something I didn’t realize until I started looking for a trailer was that The Lake House is actually a remake of a Korean movie called Il Mare, (2000). When you see this too short 103 seconds glimpse of the original, you may wish you understood the Korean language. I know I do. And I’ll be looking for a version with subtitles one of these days because it looks just as good as the one I’ve come to know, love, and watch more times than I’ll ever own up to.


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