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So I’m only going to share one song because I’m busy working on that surprise I mentioned in my latest newsletter. For those who haven’t signed up for it, you aren’t missing anything … yet. If you want to see the cover before anyone else, you can click on the “Newsletter” link above. You’ll also get installments for my Newsletter Novellas, and the password for the Subscribers Only page, which is where I put all installments for the novellas (until I’m ready to edit and publish them – for anyone who missed earlier ones).

Just a quick piece of advice. Fans of the Coach’s Boys series will probably be most interested in the surprise, but if you haven’t read Holding Out For Love yet, this short story will contain a major spoiler.

Just a quick explanation here…

After reading Holding Out For Love, a reader sent me an email suggesting I write another Coach’s Boys companion story based on a scene in the book. After giving it some thought, I decided it was a great idea, and that’s what I’m working on tonight.

And while I work on it, this is one of the songs I’m listening to. It seems very appropriate, given the characters who are staring in this novelette (or novella, depending on how it goes).


Yes, I know. It’s Monday and I should be doing a Story Time Short, but since I only have one more reader-suggested story in the queue, I decided to postpone it for a few days so I can work on the surprise instead.

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