New Coach’s Boys Release!

I know I’ve warned about this on my Facebook page, and on the book pages at Amazon and Smashwords, but this little novelette was written because a fan of the series wished she knew what happened before and after a scene that takes place in Holding Out For Love (HOFL), a companion story for the Coach’s Boys series.

It seemed like a great idea, and so I sat down, worked on the idea, and Darby’s Dilemma was what I came up with. It includes the scene from HOFL – this time from Darby’s perspective instead of Wendy’s … but the story itself begins about a week before. However, because of the shared scene, this story will be a major spoiler for anyone who hasn’t read HOFL yet.

That said, Darby’s Dilemma is now available at Amazon and Smashwords. Hope you enjoy what turned out to be a surprise for me too.

Darby's final cover

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