Strange Addictions

Like niche segments of the population, I am addicted to television programs like Sleepy Hollow, Parenthood, and Haven. I’m also slightly addicted to brownies with lots of walnuts and chicken (not necessarily together).

And is it sad that the first thing I thought of when hand sanitizer came to mind was this song?

Seriously. I go through about a quart every month…

But I have another strange addiction.

Before the car accident, my favorite time of year – other than holidays – was the back-to-school sales at department stores. I was more excited than the kids and would stock up on about twenty college ruled spiral notebooks and pens. Didn’t matter that I had a computer, I still wrote tons of stuff in notebooks. And I used them all.

After the accident, all that white space on the pages was kind of overwhelming and so I switched to the little 3×5 index cards. After a while, I added the next size up, then the next size, and finally included the florescent pink, orange, green, and yellow ones to the mix.

index cardsMine come four brighter colors to a package, but this is the brand I use. ***Photo credit:

And I use them for everything (except recipes). Story notes, appointments (which get stuck on my bathroom mirror), reminders that it’s bill paying day (which I tuck under my mouse before I go to bed), etc… If my grocery list is too long for a 3×5 card … oh well. I just get what fits, and only on the lined side of the card. I cleaned my purse out this summer and found about fifteen of those little suckers in the small pocket where I put them at the checkout.

So anyway…

I noticed a few minutes ago that I’m getting low enough on Germ-X that it made me nervous. I go to grab one of the yellow cards and realize I’m almost out. And I simply cannot run out of index cards because I use them for everything!

But then I remember I have fourteen packages of index cards in my office cupboard. And three of them are the colored ones. And I know this for a fact because I just gathered them from the top part of my desk and bookshelves a couple of days ago and put them in there.

Still, I want to add more to the list … just in case. I won’t, but I want to.

Do you have any weird addictions in your life? Things that while they might not make you panic, you make a point to pick it up the next time you’re running errands?

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2 Responses to Strange Addictions

  1. You know, Lilliana Hart was giving away hand sanitizer swag at one of the events I went to. That sort of tells me you’re not the only one with the “unclean” concern. 🙂

    • Kristy K. James says:

      LOL…good to know, Kitt. I’m always glad to find I’m not the only one. My love for hand sanitizer is legendary in my family … so much so that an aunt cut a cartoon out of the newspaper for me dealing with that same subject. Not that I would use it just hearing someone flush a toilet over the phone, but it’s kind of close. 😀

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