One Great Way To Kill Your Relationship

Consideration is romantic.

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Really. It is. It’s one of the reasons your Romeo or Juliet fell in love you with in the beginning. You showed him or her consideration and respect. You were thoughtful and considered your words and actions because you wanted to make a good impression.

Ladies, did you start out making an effort with your hair and makeup? Making sure your clothes were perfect? Spending hours preparing meals you knew Romeo would like?

Guys, what about you? Maybe you opened all doors for Juliet – including the car. You made sure you walked on the outside (like all gentlemen should do) and held her chair out at restaurants.

But now it’s been a few weeks, or months, and you’re not quite as considerate. You’ve won his or her heart so why should you have to keep trying so hard? After all, being on your best behavior all the time gets tiresome. Right?

It’s great when when a relationship gets to the place where you’re comfortable with each other, but that’s never an excuse to stop being considerate.

It happens though. Throw marriage (or living together) into the mix and it’s time to let it all hang out. All of your flaws and quirks. All of your bad habits and moods. Yeah, you love your Romeo or Juliet, but putting yourself out as much as you did in the beginning is getting old.

When selfishness creeps into a relationship, it’s downhill from there.

Little things still matter. It doesn’t take much effort to put toilet seat and lid DOWN, to screw the cap on the toothpaste when you’re finished, to pick up your socks up or hang your pantyhose somewhere else

Ladies, if you know it takes 2 hours to do your hair and makeup … don’t wait until an hour before the two of you have to leave to start. It might have been cute (not really!) in junior high school, but it’s just rude now.

Guys, I’m going get a little crude here, but you are as far removed from sexy with all the burping, farting and scratching as the east coast is from the west. Barring the occasional accidental expulsion of air, regardless of which end it comes from, walk out of the room … and depending on the circumstances … out of the house!

I’m fairly sure this video was filmed to show the men in our lives what it’s like when they get too comfortable with us.  (Be warned, the woman says the ‘s’ word at the end of the video)

There are some barriers that should NEVER be crossed. And I don’t care if you’ve been together five minutes or fifty years!

If you won’t do it in front of  your boss, friends or family, you had better not be doing it in front of your Romeo or Juliet.

What can you do if you’ve let laziness, selfishness, and inconsideration creep into your relationship? Stop it. Just stop it. That’s all there is to it. If you know you’re doing something to annoy your mate…STOP IT!

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2 Responses to One Great Way To Kill Your Relationship

  1. karenmcfarland says:

    Well said Kristy! Isn’t being considerate a part of exercising good manners? We all needs reminders sometimes. Oh yeah. Thanks girl! 🙂

    • Kristy K. James says:

      Wow. I sure lose track of time when I’m working on a project! Hey, Karen! Yes. Yes, being considerate is exercising good manners. 🙂

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