Sweater Weather

I’ve always called the months between October and April ‘sweater weather.’ And it’s my favorite ‘season’ because I LOVE sweaters. As long as they’re soft instead of itchy. Pullovers, cardigans. Doesn’t matter. If they feel right and I like the color, I’ll be wearing one.

The oldest piece of clothing I own is … not surprisingly … a hunter green pullover sweater. As near as I can determine, I’ve had it since at least 1996 and have to keep matching thread on my desk to repair the little holes I find in it on a too regular basis. It’s gotten to the point where I only wear it for short periods  so I don’t have to wash it each time. Why? Because I’m afraid it’s going to fall apart during the spin cycle one of these days.

Yes, I know I can’t make it last forever – but I can put off the day I have to say farewell for as long as possible.

I have another that’s nearly as old, a purple and black cardigan. I love that just as much as the green one. I know I’ve had it since at least 2000 because I was wearing it when an aunt was admitted to the hospital.

After she was moved to her room, we all went to see her (a few at a time). Fresh out of recovery, she looked at me and said, “That’s a really pretty sweater, Kristy.” You know an article of clothing is gorgeous when you get a compliment like that from someone who just came out of major surgery.


This is the only video I found with a selection of sweaters and watching it, I realized I’m kind of picky (or a stick-in-the-mud?) about the kinds I like. Out of the dozen shown – technically, there are thirteen, but one is a repeat – I would only wear four of them – number 4 (purple cardigan with big buttons), 6 (white hoodie cardigan with the tie), 9 (black on top/white on bottom, and 12 (beige pullover over the green blouse).

Number six is actually the reason I’m writing this post today. I love it even more than the black and gray one I’m wearing today.

Except for the tie.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never, ever tied a sweater belt around my waist. I used to knot it in the back. Until the first time I realized just how – inconvenient – that could be.

Any woman who has ever knotted a knitted sweater belt behind her back has got to know what I mean without me sharing specifics. And that’s why I just take them off now. I hate throwing them away but frankly, there’s no reason to keep them around if I’m not going to use them. And trust me, I won’t use them. Ever.

If you’ve have any mishaps with sweater belts, let me know in the comments. I’ll be curious to see if they’re the same ones I experienced. Twice, before I learned my lesson.


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