Sweater Weather

I’ve always called the months between October and April ‘sweater weather.’ And it’s my favorite ‘season’ because I LOVE sweaters. As long as they’re soft instead of itchy. Pullovers, cardigans. Doesn’t matter. If they feel right and I like the color, I’ll be wearing one.

The oldest piece of clothing I own is … not surprisingly … a hunter green pullover sweater. As near as I can determine, I’ve had it since at least 1996 and have to keep matching thread on my desk to repair the little holes I find in it on a too regular basis. It’s gotten to the point where I only wear it for short periods  so I don’t have to wash it each time. Why? Because I’m afraid it’s going to fall apart during the spin cycle one of these days.

Yes, I know I can’t make it last forever – but I can put off the day I have to say farewell for as long as possible.

I have another that’s nearly as old, a purple and black cardigan. I love that just as much as the green one. I know I’ve had it since at least 2000 because I was wearing it when an aunt was admitted to the hospital.

After she was moved to her room, we all went to see her (a few at a time). Fresh out of recovery, she looked at me and said, “That’s a really pretty sweater, Kristy.” You know an article of clothing is gorgeous when you get a compliment like that from someone who just came out of major surgery.


This is the only video I found with a selection of sweaters and watching it, I realized I’m kind of picky (or a stick-in-the-mud?) about the kinds I like. Out of the dozen shown – technically, there are thirteen, but one is a repeat – I would only wear four of them – number 4 (purple cardigan with big buttons), 6 (white hoodie cardigan with the tie), 9 (black on top/white on bottom, and 12 (beige pullover over the green blouse).

Number six is actually the reason I’m writing this post today. I love it even more than the black and gray one I’m wearing today.

Except for the tie.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never, ever tied a sweater belt around my waist. I used to knot it in the back. Until the first time I realized just how – inconvenient – that could be.

Any woman who has ever knotted a knitted sweater belt behind her back has got to know what I mean without me sharing specifics. And that’s why I just take them off now. I hate throwing them away but frankly, there’s no reason to keep them around if I’m not going to use them. And trust me, I won’t use them. Ever.

If you’ve have any mishaps with sweater belts, let me know in the comments. I’ll be curious to see if they’re the same ones I experienced. Twice, before I learned my lesson.


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4 Responses to Sweater Weather

  1. I love sweaters, too, but I don’t have good luck with them. They seem to get caught on the zipper of my purse or anything anywhere that’s small and sticking out. It seems like my sweater sleeves are always catching on something and pulling the threads out. Grrrr. I’ve never worn a sweater belt, so I’m not sure what the problem is. I hope somebody comments about it!

    I think it’s amazing you’ve been wearing that Hunter Green sweater since 1996 and love it enough to keep sewing it!

    Of the sweaters in the video, the ones I wouldn’t care to wear are the long, long gray one, the one with the heart shaped opening in the back (I don’t like drafts – LOL) and the short off white one. I hate the itchy sweaters, too, but nice, soft, comfy sweaters are wonderful!

    • Kristy K. James says:

      Hi, Lynn…
      Nothing like replying seventeen days late. I’ve caught many a sweater on a zipper or something sticking out – like Jasper’s claw when he’s sacked out on an end table. The little turkey seems to live for opportunities to reach out and swipe at someone. Not to be mean. At least I don’t think it is. I think it’s just his way of having fun and reminding us he’s not had any attention recently. 😀

      Sweater belts… Okay. When you tie them behind the sweater to keep them out of the way, sometimes you don’t make the bow big enough, leaving tails that are too long for those times when you forget to take the sweater off when you visit the ladies room. Long sweater belts and toilets aren’t a match made in heaven so it’s just … better … to get rid of the belt. 😀

      Yeah, I wasn’t very impressed with the heart shaped cutout in that one sweater either. What’s the point of wearing one if your back and shoulders are going to be cold?

  2. karenmcfarland says:

    Lol, I love wearing old sweaters! Mind you, my sweater wearing season is not as long as yours Kristy. But there’s something comforting about those old sweaters. During our last move, I finally had to say goodbye to a fav. It was a midnight blue turtleneck chenille that I had bought for a trip to Europe from J. Jill during the mid nineties. It wasn’t that it didn’t fit anymore. It just wore out. I still miss it. You cannot replace these sentimental pieces. *sigh*

    • Kristy K. James says:

      No, you definitely can’t replace the sentimental pieces of clothing. While I was recuperating from a C-section, a friend took a couple of loads of laundry home. When she brought it back, I found that she’d ‘ruined’ my favorite, well worn flannel nightgown. Another one of those things you just can’t throw out because you love it so much. The elbows of the sleeves were torn to the point that they weren’t actually there anymore. So she kindly cut them off, hemmed it, and turned it into a short-sleeved nightgown. I never wore it again. What I loved so much about it was gone.

      Weird, hmm?

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