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Paranoia or Common Sense, That is the Question

I get teased by a lot of family and friends over my love affair with hand sanitizer and disinfecting wet wipes for shopping cart handles. Very regularly, in fact. A breeding ground for germs. Photo credit: Part of the … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Keeping a BIG Secret

Once a man passes the age of forty, society tends to think of him as suave, sophisticated, successful, distinguished. Unless he’s the kind of guy who says things like, “Hey, y’all, watch this!” or “Hold my beer!” They tend to … Continue reading

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The Late, Great Thomas Crapper – one more time

It’s always fun when I see that someone stumbled on one of my early posts … back when no one knew I had a blog. This one was originally published on December 26, 2011. It was a lot of fun … Continue reading

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Strange Injuries

Looking at a picture I snapped this afternoon, which I’ll share in just a moment, I was reminded of a few unusual injuries I’ve gotten through the years. The first of two weird things happened when I was about fifteen. … Continue reading

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