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The Worst Blind Date Ever

At least as far as my experience goes. That is exactly two blind dates, this one  set up by my hairdresser, a woman whose opinion I had – until then – trusted. For a while afterward, I kind of wanted … Continue reading

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To Whine Or To Shine

According to the website, RunTri, the average time it takes to finish the Boston Marathon is four hours, eighteen minutes, and twenty-seven seconds. Some have taken almost six hours to complete the twenty-six mile course, while record setters have done … Continue reading

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3 Reasons Why I Haven’t Written This Year – and What I’m Doing To Fix It

Technically, I have written this year, just not much. It’s been very frustrating too. I’ll open one of three files I’m working on, and the words won’t come. Why? The Problems Because my prescription thyroid medicine – the kind I … Continue reading

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As far back as I can remember, my grandparent’s house was old. The rooms were too small and too few in number, and thanks to the wood paneling, kind of dark and gloomy. There was a floor-to-ceiling space heater attached … Continue reading

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Dealing With a Judgmental Egomaniac

It all started because of a comment I left on this video… Well… The replacement video (mentioned below) was deleted too.  ~~~ Technically, this isn’t the video. The one I actually commented on has been taken down, but I was … Continue reading

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7 Things I Wish I’d Known as a Child

There are times when most of us wish we could wake up one day and find out that we’re ten years old again (in a perfect delusion, we’d also still know what we know today). Maybe it happens during a … Continue reading

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Alas, Babylon

Given my career choice, it’s clear I’m a long-time romance lover. But sometimes, sometimes, I enjoy stories that don’t necessarily focus on happily-ever-afters. Take, for instance, the title in the subject line. At first glance, you might expect it to … Continue reading

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The I.Q. of a Gnat

Photo credit: Yeah. That was my I.Q. was a couple of weeks ago… It all started when I took a couple of new digestive enzymes. I’d been taking a similar product from the same company because sometimes dairy doesn’t … Continue reading

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