Dealing With a Judgmental Egomaniac

It all started because of a comment I left on this video…

Well… The replacement video (mentioned below) was deleted too. 


Technically, this isn’t the video. The one I actually commented on has been taken down, but I was still able to access the conversation I’m about to share thanks to Google+ notifications. Normally, I wouldn’t do this, but I’m at a loss for a better blog topic tonight and this just kind of underscores what I’ve said before – the anonymity of the internet really brings out the ‘ugly’ in some people.

1st part of YouTube convo~~~

I don’t think I actually said anything offensive there. I am a believer in that children need to be raised to be respectful human beings. I was raised that way, as were many people I know. Also, I realize there are those who feel the mother went too far, but she posted it on a local page trying to find the woman in question. A police officer sharing it is what made it go viral. But if he had not, someone else would have.

Moot point now though. What follows is a conversation I pasted in a Paint file so this post wouldn’t be three miles long.

*You will have to click on the photo below to read it*

YouTube part 2~~~

It would have been a very short conversation if I’d used my head and not responded to the first comment, but of course I felt like I had to explain my position. And then, like someone else suggested, I was just going to ignore the guy (no, I don’t know that it was a guy, I just assumed because of the nickname ‘he’ chose – which I grayed out – that it was). But nooooo…. Not me. Even though I’d planned to not say another word, I got sucked in for one more response.

I’m kind of glad I did though. I have to chuckle when I see the startling assumptions this person made about me based on a whole nineteen sentences (that I wrote) – because he missed the mark on all of them. And then he brought up Nazis, terrorists, and the pilot who crashed the plane into the mountain into a conversation about parenting? Wow. Just wow…

Still, it was still fun to read – especially the part where he let me know he was ignoring me from now on. You have no idea the responses I considered making to that one but by that time, I truly was finished with the conversation.

The best part of this oh-so-weird exchange was the final comment left by a young lady I’d love to give credit to, except I don’t know who she is. However, if she ever stumbles onto my blog one day and finds this post, I just want to say thank you! The lambasting you gave _____ made my day!

For the record, I didn’t call kids ‘screw-ups,’ I said kids screw up – because they all do at some point or another. That’s just the nature of being a kid. Children who don’t make mistakes or do the occasional stupid thing are called … umm … what’s the word I’m looking for here? Oh yeah! There isn’t a word because there isn’t any such child. At least I’ve yet to meet one who has never gotten in trouble or gone behind their parents’ back to do something they shouldn’t. Even me, believe it or not. I was a pretty obedient child – but oh did I have my moments!

So what about you? Have any of you ever gotten into a heated online discussion with someone who took offense at what you considered an innocent comment? Did you just ignore it? Respond? Egg them on because it was fun to see their reaction?

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2 Responses to Dealing With a Judgmental Egomaniac

  1. This brought back memories of a forum thread I started very early in my writing career about looking for Christian romances with sex in them. People assumed I was looking for that type of book to read because I had a lousy sex life with my husband. Looking back on it, I can laugh. But at the time, all I kept thinking was, “What does wanting to read a romance where the married couple have sex have to do with my own sex life?” I finally removed all my comments from that thread and never went back. It’s amazing what people will take in a simple comment and assume from it.

    How I wish my kids would always behave, but alas, they’re human. LOL

    • Kristy K. James says:

      What you just described is why I tend to avoid forums. I know there must be good ones out there, but I see so many where things like that happen – and worse, and it’s just not worth the stress and frustration.

      LOL…parents who are honest with themselves know that kids are, indeed, human and cannot get to adulthood without experience a few growing pains – in the form of rebellion and misbehavior. 😀

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