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Deadlines and Dust Bunnies

I’m not sure why the creators of National Novel Writing Month chose November for the big writing challenge that’s turned into a worldwide event. But they did. And authors who choose to participate, especially those who live in the United … Continue reading

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My Favorite Things, Week 4 (x2)

We have already established the fact that I love fall. And one thing I especially enjoy during the cooler months is ice cream. Unfortunately, when the temperatures are soaring, rich desserts don’t always agree with my stomach. It’s probably why, … Continue reading

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Great Books, Good Books, Bad Books

When I really, really love a book, I don’t want to get to the last chapter. And I  want to avoid it so much, I’ll figure out ways to prolong having to read it. Maybe I’ll “need” to bake some … Continue reading

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Coach’s Boys Available in Paperback!

What?! Did you read that right? You sure did! The Coach’s Boys series, including its first companion story, Holding Out For Love, is now available in paperback. All eight of them! I know you’re thinking that all of the covers … Continue reading

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Budget Busting

I’ve been known to call myself a cheapskate from time to time. One friend says nope. I’m just frugal. I’m not sure either description is one-hundred percent accurate though. It just depends on the situation. When the kids were small … Continue reading

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My Favorite Things, Week 3

I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I prefer the months between October and April more than any other time of the year. Nope. I don’t love summer. And I’d love spring more – if summer didn’t follow … Continue reading

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Sad Memories

One of the things I most enjoyed writing about in my Coach’s Boys series was the lifelong friendship between the guys and the coach. They had a bond that couldn’t be broken. It’s just my opinion, but everyone should have … Continue reading

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Getting Fit, Week 3

So… This hasn’t been a red-letter week for me in the fitness department. I’ve been slacking off on the getting up and moving every 30-60 minutes … and we’re not even going to talk about the treadmill in this post. … Continue reading

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