Nursery Rhymes & a Learning Disabled Dictation Program

lookin out the window 3-12-16Learning to work with a baby in the house again has been an interesting experience. Yes, I got lots of writing done when my own kids were small – all by hand in spiral notebooks, no less – but I’m not used to doing that anymore. And I’m finding that I am more aware of how fast babies grow so I’m more inclined to enjoy watching Aria watch interesting – and even shocking things (still not sure what she saw out the window here). But I’m figuring out how to get the writing done, even while I enjoy spending time with her.

For instance, she’s still awake – at 2:38 in the morning – giggling up a storm at a nursery rhyme in a YouTube video. And she’s been watching nursery rhymes the entire time I’ve been working on character profiles for the new book … and plotting the prequel I’ll be writing as I get to know them better.

A prequel before I write the main stories? Yup. I’ll release it at some point during the series – or once all of the books are published. But I realized that since this group of people have been friends forever, I might as well get to know them as teens. And what better way than in story form? We’ll see how it goes, but I just love getting to know who they are – and what makes them tick today.

Now for my learning disabled dictation program…

I’ve been trying to ‘train’ the program that comes with Windows. I guess it can take several weeks and I’ve only worked with it for the odd day here and there for the past month, reciting the above mentioned nursery rhymes, song lyrics, and passages from books I didn’t write. A fellow author suggested reading what I’ve written so it gets used to my style … and that’s on the agenda.

I’m not sure it will help though. It doesn’t even understand all of the letters in the alphabet. When I have to resort to spelling a word, I can say “a” fifty times and it will put up every letter except that one. Then I have to say “a, as in apple.” But that’s not the worst of it. The worst is actually kind of hilarious, if you want to know the truth. I’ll have to start saving dictation sessions and sharing some of the results with you in later posts.

It is learning though. Slowly. And I’m excited to think that one day soon, I can dictate the first drafts of all of my books. Even though I type around seventy words per minute, I can still talk faster.

Now it’s time for me to get serious about getting this baby to sleep. This baby who doesn’t appear the slightest bit tired, even though I could easily sleep six or eight hours. I’ll be happy with the two to five she usually lets me get when her mommy is working. And then I’ll look forward to a nap around mid-afternoon.

In a strange twist of fate, my daughter had the day off today. Aria fell asleep around eleven o’clock last night – and slept until after ten-thirty this morning. We’ll be having a chat about that, Aria and I…. 😀

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