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11 Cool Uses For Puppy Pads

Maybe it’s my writer’s brain that causes me to look at some things differently than most people would. I know it’s that tendency that forces me to be diligent about not letting some things clutter up my house – like … Continue reading

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My Favorite Child

We’ve all witnessed the occasional, always distasteful experience of meeting a parent who clearly favors one of their children over another. And we wonder how that can be because a parent should love all of their kids equally, right? You … Continue reading

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(Fill-in-the-Blank) Shaming

Body shaming. Fat shaming. Thin shaming. Parent shaming. The list of every kind of shaming under the sun grows longer by the minute. Some days, I shake my head at all of the bullies coming out of the cyber woodwork. … Continue reading

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An Author’s Learning Curve

Reading a post last month by fellow author Ruth Ann Nordin, I was impressed with how candid she was with her readers. It’s titled, “How An Author Decides What Book To Write Next.” The blue text (title) is the link … Continue reading

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Interviewing Characters

Interviewing a character?! Sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it? When I first heard about the technique, I thought it was too. I mean, c’mon. Seriously? How can you interview someone who isn’t real? But then I realized that all of … Continue reading

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