Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever…

What if you have both? And what if it’s a respiratory kind of flu? No matter. Whatever I’ve had for the past week and a half, it’s been less than pleasant – and I mostly just want to drink water. Lots of water. I also want to nap a lot, and when I am awake, I don’t want to do anything. At least nothing that takes a lot of energy.

So can we say – thank God for YouTube videos? I know I can. Since I’m still too tired to do a lot of thinking, here are a few I’ve enjoyed recently. Hope you enjoy them too. 😀

Aria is so funny watching this one with me. My daughter’s hair is past her shoulders and mine is almost hip-length so I think she associates long hair with girls. She cries every time she looks at my sister’s husband, who has long hair and a beard and mustache … and when she’s watching this, she gets the funniest expression on her face every time she looks at him.

My daughter is turning her into a hardcore country music lover – so I’m trying to strike a compromise with her. That’s not to say I don’t like country music because there’s a lot I do like. I just enjoy a lot more than that. Fortunately, she like Bon Jovi and Matchbox Twenty. Still working on the whole REO Speedwagon and Boston thing though.

It’s a good thing Darius Rucker can sing because he’s a big favorite of hers, along with Billy Currington.

Yes, she’s spent a lot of time watching videos with me. Not much choice since I’m also her babysitter. And that means I’m spending a lot of time watching things that probably wouldn’t make my top ten list were I sitting here by myself…

And on this note, before all of the stars disappear when the sun comes up, it’s time for another nap. Hopefully a several-hours-long nap…

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2 Responses to Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever…

  1. daleamidei says:

    Feel better, Kristy!

    • Kristy K. James says:

      Thanks, Dale. I started (sort of) to feel like a member of the human race again yesterday. As long as the cough keeps improving, I’ll be happy. LOL…that gets old in a hurry! 😀

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