Would You Please Go Back Into the Closet?

closet-pixabayI would love to see the expressions on the faces of everyone who just saw that subject line. I can just imagine what’s running through your minds right now – but relax. I’m not talking about the sexual orientation closet. Nope. I’m talking about a closet that used to represent a sense of responsibility, respect and, more importantly, pride. I’m guessing not many people know what I’m talking about because these days, the subject stirs up nothing but arguments, hatred, insults, and half-truths – or out and out lies.

I’m talking about the political closet.

Yeah, I don’t tackle this subject very often because I’m an author – not a politician, not a trendsetter, and certainly not a lover of the venom that infuses nearly all things politics. I don’t enjoy offending or annoying people, and I despise arguing. But sometimes, some things just need to be said.

I miss the days when people kept their political beliefs to themselves. You could have a Democrat living on one side of your property and a Republican on the other but you just knew them as your neighbors, not your enemies. Sure, there were groups that picketed and held rallies, but most people just kept their mouths shut, stepped into the voting booth, and flipped a switch or checked a box for ‘their guy.’

Enter the internet and social media…

It’s gotten to the place where I am avoiding my personal Facebook page like the plague. The last presidential election was like a WWE match gone bad (I’m biting my tongue really hard here). This one is so much worse it’s just depressing to read post after post spewing hatred and division.

During the last cat fight election, I spent a great deal of time researching all of the lies and statements taken completely out of context  – for both sides – because truth matters to me. While I believe most people are honest, there are those who live to stir up trouble – and they do a fantastic job of it.

We are a great country but watching how politics stirs up trouble, pitting friends and family against friends and family is sad. I’ve seen relationships ruined because of politics, and it just isn’t worth it. Just because you have strong opinions doesn’t mean you have to shove them down everybody’s throats share them. If it isn’t 100% true, if it isn’t 100% kind, if it isn’t 100% necessary, then why say it?

Maybe, just maybe, if we start encouraging the people turning social media into a political war zone to lock themselves back in the political closet, to stop spreading the hate, we might find that we like our neighbors again.

Seriously. They are not the enemy.

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2 Responses to Would You Please Go Back Into the Closet?

  1. You come up with some of the best post titles.

    I agree completely. I am sick and tired of all the political stuff, too. I stay away from it as much as possible. Arguing doesn’t make things better. It only makes them worse, as you pointed out.

    • Kristy K. James says:

      Hi, Ruth. Thanks! Sometimes I have a lot of fun with titles – this was one of them. 😀

      Sorry for the delay. I spent about half of May and half of June with the summer cold from hell – and the second round was worse than the first. Finally feeling normal again – almost anyway. 😀

      Glad I’m not the only one. As bad as things are now (on social media), it’s going to get nothing but worse. I remember the last presidential election. It was terribly depressing to see all of the ugliness and fighting.

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