1. Ruth Ann Nordin
    July 10, 2016 @ 10:18 pm

    Excellent post. You’re spot on about emotions. I think there’s a proverb that says something like, “Such as a man thinks, so he is”, which means that which we put our focus on tends to influence how we think and feel. I hadn’t really thought of it too deeply, but it makes sense.

    Ever since I stopped paying attention to the news, I’ve felt a lot more peace. I was stuck in a place where I was paralyzed and couldn’t even write. Once I pulled myself away from the negativity, the creativity came back and I started enjoying life again. We can’t change what the media puts up, but we definitely can change our response to it. 🙂


    • Kristy K. James
      July 12, 2016 @ 7:16 am

      Thanks, Ruth. I have to avoid news most of the time if I want joy and peace in my life. I’ve just been so sucked into the horrifying stuff going on in our country today I’ve been reading too much about it. And it just stuns me. I was telling someone recently that maybe I live in a bubble because I’ve never witnessed much in the way of racism. Sure, I see it in movies and read about it in history books but to actually witness it for myself? Not really. My opinion has always been if you’re nice, I’ll like you … no matter what color your skin is. If you’re a jerk, I won’t like you … no matter what color your skin is. I wish everyone could have that attitude because skin color should never be an issue. The only thing that’s important is the heart of a person. And if they have a good heart, that’s all I need to know.

      Guess I need to get back to ignoring the news as much as possible because I’m finding it harder to write these days. I need to get the negativity out of my life again and make room for the, joy, positivity and creativity again. 🙂


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